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We are more than just an awesome event, we provide hope.

Heart of Hope was inspired by Dunk MS founder Blake Arnet and thinking about the time his mom was diagnosed in 2007. Sadly, she didn’t know there were support groups and never had one during her battle with MS. She wasn’t aware that so many people were fighting alongside her to find a cure.

She lost her battle in 2009 and Blake vows that anyone affected by MS will always know there are people fighting alongside them 24/7 to provide care and find a cure. This coin will serve as a symbol for the fight and hope we all have in our hearts.

MS Heart of Hope Coins are currently available at the Cedars-Sinai MS Program in Los Angeles, CA and at the UCLA Health MS Program in Westwood, CA. Please contact them to receive your free coin.

If you're not located nearby, you can buy an MS Heart of Hope coin for you or a loved one below. 

Heart of Hope slogan

Designed by MS Warrior Drea Schneider


MS Heart of Hope Designer

I'm an LA-based art director, designer and creative strategist with ten years experience in advertising. Despite the fact that the industry (and our world) is constantly changing, one thing’s stayed the same.

It's not about what it's about.

It’s about relationships. To each other, to the world, and yes, sometimes to the things we buy. But without those connections, it’s just stuff. And I never want to make “stuff.” Instead, I always start by identifying a truth and running with it. And that’s what gets me excited.

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